Missionary Sisters of
        Our Lady of Apostles

                                                                                                                Rome, 1st May 2013

To all OLA Communities and Sisters,

It is with the words of our very dear Pope Francis that we come to express our affection for you in these great days of shared thanksgiving and joy.

Let us have the courage to " come out of ourselves "
to take this joy and  this light to all the places of our life!

         Happy Feasts
     of Our Lady of Apostles
        and of Pentecost

" …. First of all, let us note that the first witnesses of this event were the women.
At dawn, they went to the tomb to anoint Jesus' body, and found the first sign: the empty tomb. (cf. Mark 16:1)
Their meeting with a Messenger from God followed. 
He announced:   "Jesus of Nazareth, the Crucified, has risen, he is not here." (cf. vs. 5-6).
he women were motivated by love and were able to accept this announcement with faith:
they believed and passed it on straight away; they did not keep it to themselves but passed it on.
They could not contain their joy in knowing that Jesus was alive, or the hope that filled their hearts.
This should happen in our lives too. Let us feel the joy of being Christian!
We believe in the Risen One who conquered evil and death!
Let us have the courage to "come out of ourselves" to take this joy and this light to all the places of our life!
The Resurrection of Christ is our greatest certainty; he is our most precious treasure!
How can we not share this treasure, this certainty with others?

With the preparation for our General Chapter and the various Provincial Chapters, we are living a Pentecost Time for our Congregation.
We are working at the draft of the synthesis of your answers which reflect a privileged time of sharing and prayer lived in each community.
We thank you and we are in communion with you.

Women Apostles, rooted in the Word of God,
let us have the courage "to come out of ourselves" to go towards our sisters and brothers and 
let us dare to be seeds of communion and hope.
‹ Live in unity…and they will believe! › Jn. 17:21

       Once again: "Happy Feasts!"

                                                                                                        Your Sisters in the General Council,

                                                                                  Felicia Harry         Nicole Rivard        Denise Bang'na        Daniela Bellini

It is not only for us, it is to be passed on, to be shared with others. Our testimony is precisely this…
…In our journey of faith it is important to know and feel that God loves us. Do not be afraid to love: faith is professed with the mouth and heart,
with the word and love.

                                                       Pope Francis, Audience on 3rd April 2013

   In other to continue with our tradition, we had a session for the sisters' preparation for their final commitment in Calavi - Benin, from the 1st of July  to the 30th of August 2012. We were 34 sisters with temporal vows, 21 Francophone and 13 Anglophones. We had Sisters in their 7th, 6th and 5th years of vows. Six Sisters journeyed with us during these two months. After this beautiful experience, I gladly share with you what I retained and that which I treasure.